Senior Data Scientist
Arthena New York City $120k – $150k Long term Senior
Remote OK
Flexible Hours
Health Insurance
About Arthena

Arthena is a YC W‘17 company that quantitatively analyzes and prices art to create financial products for the art market. We’re passionate about using data to understand the drivers of the opaque, centuries-old art market. Our tight-knit team is comprised of engineers, data scientists, and fine art experts working together at the intersection of art, finance, and technology. We value intellectual curiosity, creative idea generation, and close collaboration.

Job Description

Our data scientists analyze millions of records from decades of past art sales to generate quantitative signals used to drive business decisions. They work closely with software engineers to productionize models and with art experts to incorporate domain knowledge.

The data is composed of numerical, categorical, image, text, and temporal variables stored primarily in Postgres and analyzed in Docker images on a Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud. We use the Python data science and machine learning stack: Python 3, jupyter, pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, seaborn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, NLTK, gensim, SpaCy, OpenCV, PIL, and others.

Typical data science deliverables include insights, numbers, visualizations, recommendations, predictions, and simulations to refine process and be displayed on React dashboards to help the Arthena team make data-driven decisions at scale.

We’re looking for a Senior Data Scientist to:

  • Work with our software engineers to refine the data pipeline and productionize models 
  • Guide efforts to better understand what drives art prices and generate useful signals 
  • Design hypothesis testing, backtesting, model validation, and data visualization systems 
  • Incorporate knowledge and algorithms from many different domains 
  • Design scalable systems and making architectural decisions 
  • Task-monitoring, sprint planning, and excellent time management 
  • Mentor other junior level [department job titles] 
  • Feel comfortable setting team goals and monitoring success


  • Unlimited Vacation 
  • 401K 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Snacks and team bonding events 
  • Flexible scheduling and option for remote work if needed


Candidates should have most of the following:

  • Experience prototyping and deploying machine learning products 
  • Experience writing production code 
  • Several years of experience tackling hard data science and machine learning problems with the Python data science stack (at least some familiarity with extracting useful features from numerical, categorical, temporal, image, and text data) 
  • Software architecture experience 
  • Published machine learning research is a plus 
  • Neural network-based computer vision and/or natural language processing projects is a plus
  • Experience working in professional environments 
  • Intrinsic motivation and the ability to learn quickly 
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with a team 
  • Experience working at a start-up is a plus 
  • Art knowledge or industry experience is a plus 
  • Business/finance knowledge is a plus

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