Head of Design
Polarr San Jose, CA, USA $108k – $178k Full Time Any
Health Insurance
About Polarr

Polarr is a computational photography company focusing on Computer Vision (C.V.) and A.I. The company has created one of the most successful and two-time best of Apple App Store winning pro photography app; in the meantime developing its own Polarr Vision Engine for internal usage as well as helping others to build immersive C.V. experiences on the edge.

Polarr Vision Engine includes a rich set of self-trained neural network models intended for immersive C.V. applications. Each model is compressed and optimized for size, ram usage, and power consumption for edge deployment. The Engine has already been adopted by some of the largest public consumer electronics companies in China, Korea, and United States, and is currently expanding to customers in drone, home appliances, e-commerce and image storage solutions.

Website and products US: https://www.polarr.co/ 

Digital Magazine/Blog: https://medium.com/@pixelmagazine 

Twitter: @polarrist

Job Description

Polarr is looking for a Head of Design to help the company accomplish broader and deeper vision in design.

Your Role:

You will be working together with other designers, engineerings and product leaders inside the company and focus on planing and executing user interface, user experience, user branding strategies to developing design and communication guidelines to end users as well as internal team members.

Benefits and other considerations:

1) Ownership of technology and/or products. 

2) Small, flat team dynamic with no politics. 

3) 15 paid vacation days plus national holidays. 

4) Free lunch every day. 

5) Work from home every Friday. 

6) Free travel opportunities to China. 

7) Dental and health insurance. 

8) We sponsor H1B and Green card.


Required Skills:

1) Care deeply about logic, consistency, coherency, usability as well as pixel level details of UI and UX principles. 

2) Can articulate and communicate clearly on design options and choices. 

3) Expert in screen, vector, illustrative, workflow and animation and video production tools. 

4) Intuition and ability to design under complex constraints. 

5) Function before form, usability before beautiful visuals. 

6) Passionate about human, emotional elements in design. 

7) Healthy obsession with user study and design test. 

8) Leadership experience in working with engineers and other designers. 

9) Basic programming, git, and command line skills.

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